'All Things' Considers China : Chengdu Diary Friday, April 4 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time
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'All Things' Considers China

Friday, April 4 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time

t's off to Chengdu for two hosts and part of the staff of the NPR news magazine All Things Considered this spring.

Our China Project is underway. Check in here for developments.

Chengdu is the capital city of China's Sichuan Province. And it seems to us like a fine place to try to tell some overlooked stories. To do so, we're originating much of the program from there the week of May 19-23. Among other things, we're going to tell the story of how young people fit into China's future. They're growing up in a world their parents never dreamed of. They have more money, more opportunities and new risks.

You'll hear the stories from hosts Melissa Blockand Robert Siegel on the air, online and on this blog. Here we'll try to take you behind the scenes as we search the best people to talk to in Chengdu.