Earthquake in Italy : Chengdu Diary News of the earthquake in L'Aquila, Italy today brings back memories of the Sichuan earthquake last May.
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Earthquake in Italy

I woke up to news this morning of the earthquake that struck central Italy. The video pictures I'm seeing on CNN and the words and phrases I'm reading in the AP reports are eerily reminiscent of what we experienced after the earthquake in China last May. The Italy quake was many times smaller (USGS recorded a 6.3; last year's China quake was a 7.9), but to its victims, the impact will be the same. Most scary is that the Italy quake struck at 3:30 am. We had some pretty big aftershocks in the middle of the night last year, and for weeks I would wake up thinking the bed was shaking.

From my desk, I can hear our booker Chelsea pre-interviewing a seismologist for today's show. Also, NPR's Rome correspondent Sylvia Poggioli is headed to L'Aquila, the epicenter.