Meet Lori Lizarraga—Our Newest Co-host : Code Switch From the world of local TV news, meet Code Switch's newest co-host, Lori Lizarraga! Before she was born, her mother had the nickname "Lori" ready for her, even though her legal name is Laura. The story behind why starts more than a decade before she was born, when Lori's mom came to the U.S. as a kid and had to make a difficult decision.

Meet Lori Lizarraga—Our Newest Co-host

Meet Lori Lizarraga—Our Newest Co-host

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Lori Lizarraga

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Before joining Code Switch, Lori Lizarraga worked in local TV news, covering everything from crime and policy, to education and snowstorms. Throughout her career she has fought to tell stories about marginalized communities, a fight that at one point resulted in her losing her job.

That fight also landed her in the host chair here at Code Switch! For her first reported story, she's digging into the meaning of names. Before she was born, Lori's mom had a nickname ready for her. Her legal name would be Laura, but she would go by Lori.

The story behind why begins over a decade before Lori was born, when her mother first immigrated to the U.S. as a kid and made a difficult decision to change her own name.