Confused? Anxious? Prickly? Couturiers Viktor & Rolf Have You Covered : Coronavirus Updates These are troubled times and the high-concept fashion house is reflecting that in its fall 2020 collection — three mini-wardrobes embodying anger, confusion and, finally, love and hope.

Confused? Anxious? Prickly? Couturiers At Viktor & Rolf Have You Covered

The "Confusion" mini-wardrobe, designed to express the conflicting feelings sparked by social media. Casper Kofi hide caption

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Casper Kofi

The "Confusion" mini-wardrobe, designed to express the conflicting feelings sparked by social media.

Casper Kofi

Want to social-distance in style this fall? Couturiers at Viktor & Rolf — known for campy, high-concept looks — are introducing a fall collection they're describing as "three wardrobes for three mindsets in extraordinary times of change." Those three mindsets: Anxiety, Confusion and a hopeful ending with Love.

Each mini-collection has three pieces: a nightgown, a dressing gown and a coat — perhaps designed for people who are living in their PJs and just need to toss on a coat to take the trash out?

The Anxiety collection "embodies a somber mood: a feeling of sadness and anger, familiar to many these days," say the designers. A flowing dark blue nightgown sprinkled with storm clouds gives way to a black coat, covered in coronavirus-esque spikes. Pop star Mika introduces the collection in a video with a drolly dry narration: "There's a lot to be angry about, and this garment will communicate exactly that. Its striking volume and cone motif will impress and make you feel safe." He goes on to say that the face mask "has won global acclaim as the smartest new accessory of the season."

Next up is Confusion, beginning with another nightgown, this time a shrieking peach satin covered with conflicting emoji, a fuzzy dressing gown, one arm piled with asymmetrically confusing giant bows, and another voluminous coat, this one festooned with protruding, glittery tubes. "Its generous A-line guarantees you will remain in your own safe zone while venturing out into the world," says Mika.

The designers don't leave us entirely hopeless. The final collection is Love, a group of white garments ornamented with multicolored hearts. "If only we could change ourselves as easily as we do our outfits, who wouldn't choose love?" they ask. "Because love conquers all."