Daydreaming FAQ : Daydreaming Everything you ever wanted to know about Daydreaming, but were afraid to ask.
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Daydreaming FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Daydreaming, but were afraid to ask.

What is Daydreaming?

Daydreaming is the blog companion to NPR's Day to Day, a daily news magazine radio show. Day to Day offers a fresh approach to the day's top stories and the people involved.

What is the purpose of the blog?

Daydreaming is an ongoing, interactive conversation. It extends the discussion being held on air, allowing listeners to find out more about Day to Day, offer feedback on the day's stories, and talk to one another.

Daydreaming is also an opportunity to let readers in on the process of producing Day to Day. We can share information and types of media here that just don't work on air--from photographs to primary source documents--and we can also share our behind-the-scenes thinking about the stories we air.

Who can comment?

Anyone. If you are reading these words, you can post a comment.

Can I only comment about Day to Day stories and segments?

Pretty much. Comments should be on topic for each particular blog posting.

Do you have rules about what can or cannot be said in the comments?

Absolutely. Please see our Discussion Guidelines for comments.

I've posted a comment and it was removed?

Uh-oh! Maybe you should take a look at those discussion guidelines again.

What if I have a question or comment for the show that's on the air right now, or that's unrelated to any topic now on the blog?

You have a number of options: You can leave us a voicemail at 1-800-989-TALK (8255), or you can use the Contact Us form to send us an email. Trying to shoehorn an unrelated comment into a thread here is probably not a great idea.

Who writes the blog?

Like its radio companion, Daydreaming is a team effort. All Day to Day participate in thinking about and writing the blog. We will also have guest bloggers from time to time.

How do I know which posts are written by the Day to Day hosts?

Many of the posts will be written by the hosts. The name written in italics at the top the post indicates who authored it.

How often do you post new entries to the blog?

We post at least once a day, Monday through Friday.

What if I want to email the show privately?

The best way to e-mail the show is to use the Contact Us Privately form. You can use it to give us general input, ask us questions that don't pertain to specific posts, and offer comments that you'd rather keep off the blog itself.

Will blog comments be read on the air?

Usually not. NPR's policy about the use of letters on the radio requires that we have cite the letter-writer's real name and a location, and we don't have that information for blog comments. That said, though, if we ran across a comment that would make great radio, we would try to reach the person who wrote it via email to get the necessary information. (Another reason to use your real email when commenting! We promise not to spam you.)

But if you'd like to make a completely private comment, send it to us via the Contact Us Privately form and specify it's not for air.

Can I link to your blog?


Will you link to my blog?

Probably not, unless your blog is directly related to something we're doing on the show. It's not you, really; it's us.

Will you add me to the Daydreaming blogroll?

Our love is not for sale nor is it given away easily. Like any blogroll, Daydreaming's list of favorite blogs will grow in fits and starts in accordance with a top secret and highly complex selection process.

Do I need to sign up to be eligible to post comments?

Not at the moment, but that may change someday as we add new community features to the website.