Two Jettas, Two Nerds : Daydreaming Daydreaming needs California cars.
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Two Jettas, Two Nerds


The Jettas; photo courtesy Steve Boser

Yesterday we put a call out to Californians asking for pictures of their beloved cars. We got lots of great entries like this one from Steve Boser:

Included is me and my two 1982 VW diesel Jetta's. The gold one has been converted to run on vegetable oil and is no longer in the family. My custom plate on the green Jetta really paid for itself when it was stolen a couple of years back. It was spotted by a tow truck driver suspicious of three guys that didn't much look like the type that would being driving around in a car with a license plate that said "NERD". He called it in to the local sheriff's office, and, sure enough it was stolen. The tow truck driver and the sheriff not only recovered my car but caught all three "Non-Nerd" types.

Thanks, Steve! We've gotten great responses from around the country and plan to use many of them. If you have a car story to share, send a photo of you with your vehicle and tell us where you're from.