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Send Us A Photo Of Your Car

Some big men like small cars.
BugMan50, Flickr

In L.A., it's not uncommon to come across "Car Rich, House Poor" individuals; they drive shiny new BMWs or Audis, but live in a tiny little apartment with college-dorm-quality furniture. (My neighbor a few doors down qualifies—I've seen through her screen door.) At the same time, millionaire movie people insist on the simple, box-like Prius, even when they could have a vintage Porsche gutted and filled with a bio-diesel engine.

On Monday, Day to Day will be running a piece on "California Car Culture." Today, we want you to send us a photo of you with your car, along with a few sentences about what your car means to you. We will select the best images and stories to include in a photo gallery. If you AND your car are clearly visible in the photo, you have a much better chance of making it in, but remember: this is a family show. No Bikini Car Wash homages, please.

Send those photos to, and thanks in advance!