DOCP: Driving On Cell Phone : Daydreaming Breakin' the law... of hands-free calling.
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DOCP: Driving On Cell Phone

Driving On Cell Phone

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Last month, California joined the handful of states (Connecticut, DC, New Jersey, New York and Washington) that ban driving while holding a cell phone.

But everyday, on the drive home from work, I see at least a couple of people gabbing away on their handsets behind the wheel.

Earlier this month, the California Highway Patrol released preliminary figures that showed CHPs officers had already written some 7,000 citations for drivers who were caught with cells in hand. And the Orange County Register recently reported that officers in the OC have written more than 400 tickets.

I'll admit that I do occasionally answer the phone when it rings and I am driving, and I'll admit that I've yet to purchase a hands-free device. But I've really tried to stay off the thing while motoring.

What about you? If you live in a place where a cell phone ban has gone into effect, are you complying? Are you seeing other scofflaws?

Just do me a favor. Don't text in your comment while you're on the road. OK?