Education Dreams and Nightmares : Daydreaming Was your public school education a dream, or a nightmare? Tell us about it!
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Education Dreams and Nightmares

Once upon a time, California's public schools were highly regarded, but now they're ranking at the bottom of the list of public schools in the United States.

On today's "California Dreamin'" radio segment, NPR's Karen Grigsby Bates profiles a public school in Los Angeles trying to tackle these difficult issues. West Adams Preparatory High School is one of Los Angeles' newest schools, the first class will graduate in 2009. The 2,600 students are divided into smaller schools that reflect their career interests. The "school within a school" structure is intended to keep students from getting lost in the shuffle.

But what do YOU think California needs to do to improve the public school system? Are you a graduate of the California public schools? Share your thoughts, and, if you have a public school dream or nightmare, tell us about it below. We want to hear from you matter where you live.