Kids and Planes : Daydreaming In the future, you airline reservation might include choosing between aisle, window and child-free.
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On Tuesday's program we spoke with George Hobica of about a bold idea: create a special section on airplanes for people traveling with children, and another for adults only. It wouldn't be all that different from the old days, he opined, when there was a smoking section in every plane.

You can listen to it here.

Our listeners were pretty quick to respond:

"Mr. Hobica stated that smoking sections on airplanes were banned because they were "obnoxious." Far from it: they were banned because second-hand smoke is a **health hazard.** While screaming kids may be unpleasant, they are not a health hazard the analogy to smoking is not only in-apt, but offensive."
David S. Lefkowitz of Los Angeles

"I think we need special sections for rigid, rude people."
EdrieAnne Broughton of Vacaville, CA

"I'd ask my fellow travelers to remember these two points: one, all adults were children once too (and will all become the elderly as well with luck), and two, for some lone businessmen, one cry out of a baby can cause a headache...but for others, mindless chatter out of the same businessmen can cause one as well. It's all in your perspective."
Adrienne Meyer of Ypsilanti, MI

So, any counterpoint here? Or is that kid's section just not going to get off the ground? Chime in at will, please.