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No Politics, Thank You; We're Girls

Is there anything the web doesn't know?

Well, yes. Apparently, it can't get the most basic fact about me right.... or about most of the other women here at Day to Day.

I'm talking about this irresistible gimmick Andrew Sullivan linked to recently. The site trolled through Andrew's websurfing history and it correctly predicted that the likelihood of him being a guy was 92%.

I took the test, and here's what it said about me:

Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 23%.
Likelihood of you being MALE is 77%.

It then listed the male/female ratio of my latest websites: 0.74 1.35 1.11 0.98 1.7 1.82

So, the newsier the website, the more male? NPR - not so manly; Slate - go skin me a lion!

Tell us what you think after you take the test.