A Sunday Shave at the RNC : Daydreaming Sometimes, when you are about to cover a big political convention, there's nothing that can prepare you like a shave from a straight-edge wielding barber.
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Getting A Shave At Heimie's Haberdashery

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A Sunday Shave at the RNC

A Sunday Shave at the RNC

Here's a little something that didn't make it on the air. That's the nice thing about having this blog.

Back a week ago or so, just before the Republican National Convention began, things were unsettled. Gustav was about to blow into the Gulf, and the convention was suddenly scaled back.

So on that Sunday, I got a shave. I visited an old-line men's emporium called Heimie's Haberdashery. Along with shoes and shirts and hats they have a traditional barber shop. One of their barbers, Tina Kawlinski, convinced me to have my head shaved.

Master Barber Tina Kawlinski Shaves Steve Proffitt's Head

Art Silverman, NPR

I don't have much hair to start with, and I keep it buzzed short. But this was a first for me. She rubbed oil on it, swathed it in hot towels, lathered it up and went after it with a straight razor. It was sinfully enjoyable.

Afterwards I went for a walk with my friend, All Things Considered producer Art Silverman. We wandered around the Xcel Center and over to the river's edge. On a little bluff overlooking the Mississippi we noticed a lone man reading a paper.

It was Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show.

I said, "It would be rude for me to ambush interview you, wouldn't it?"

He said, "Yes, and I'd rather you didn't."

We exchanged a little small talk and said goodbye.

Madeleine is going to hate me for this. But sometimes you just have to be human. And let a guy who is just trying to find a few moment peace have a few moments peace.