What $700B Means In Ferraris, Donkeys And Clones : Daydreaming What does $700 billion mean in ferraris, donkeys and clones? We show you. It's a little scary.
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What $700B Means In Ferraris, Donkeys And Clones

As the nation pondered the figure $700 billion today, some of us here at Day to Day were embracing the fact that we didn't pursue a career in mathematics. $700 billion is a tricky number to understand, but we tried. Here's some of what we came up with:

$700 billion could buy 700,000 Ferrari Enzos (even though there were only 400 ever made). That's one for every person in Alaska. Sarah Palin would not approve.

Ferraris In Alaska

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$700 billion could buy a laptop for every child (age 5-19) in the whole wide world. With all that great online learning going on, perhaps one of those children could come up with a solution to solve Wall Street's woes.

Laptops for the world

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Why take $700 billion in check form when you could take it in hundred dollar bills? If you were to pick up that massive bag of cash — what would it feel like? About the same as lifting 1400 African bull elephants or 51,330 adult domesticated donkeys. (Note: we apologize for the mathematical inaccuracy of the photos — this one apparently still has some growing up to do:

Donkey and Elephant

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Let's say the Treasury department decides to go all environmental on us and use a single printer to produce the $100 bills necessary to "save America's future." How long would it take to print? At a rate of $1/second — it would take 220 years working 24-7. At which point, we're guessing, $700 billion would only buy a single Ferrari Enzo.

Lots of Money

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$700 billion is the value of 12 Bill Gates — although for significantly less the tech mastermind himself could be cloned that many times.

12 Bill Gates

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What's your reference point for $700 billion? Give us something better than these and we'll try to incorporate them into a gallery on Monday.