Men Like Her : Daydreaming Apparently, male voters like Palin. Alex Chadwick wants to know why.
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Men Like Her

According to Madeleine's interview with a Gallup pollster, Sarah Palin hasn't really affected the race. Of course, this is before she speaks at the RNC tonight.

But here's one interesting tidbit: men are much more interested in McCain than women.

According to Gallup, among Independents (who both sides are coveting), men prefer McCain 47 to 42 percent. Women prefer Obama 46 to 39 percent.

And a CBS poll notes that in response to Palin nomination, 17% of men now say they are more likely to vote for McCain. Indeed, Bill Tancer, general manager of research at web-metrics firm Hitwise, notes that interest in Palin is at an all-time high overall:

If you compare the number of searches for "John McCain," "Barack Obama" or "Joe Biden" with those for "Sarah Palin," there's no contest. In just two days, the number of U.S. Internet searches for "Sarah Palin" reached a peak greater than any other political personality in the past three years. [full item]

Now....why would that be?

A Day to Day poll for my brothers:

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