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Upgrading Our Comments Process

This week, NPR is instituting a new system that we hope will result in a greater level of dialogue with our listener/readers.

Now, you'll not only be able to comment on blog posts, you'll also be able to comment on stories at NPR.org. And your comments will be published instantly.

However, we'll now require that commentors register with NPR.org, and create a public profile.

There are a number of benefits to this, including:

—Instead of of having to wait for a moderator to approve them, your comments will be published instantly.
—You'll be able to comment on NPR stories you hear on the air or on NPR.org.
—Comments by users may be featured on the NPR home page and in the inset column of story pages
—All users will be able to "recommend" stories to others
—Registered users will be able to connect with NPR.org staff and other users through their public profiles and the community home page.
—Users will also be able to flag questionable or objectionable comments by using a "report abuse" feature.

We'll be implementing this new system this week. But you can already register, here.

And if you'd like more information about the registration process and reasoning behind it, take a look at our Community FAQ.

We think this new system will result in a much more vibrant and dynamic relationship with our listeners and readers, and we hope you'll agree.