What's In Your Kid's Backpack? : Daydreaming What's in your kid's backpack?
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What's In Your Kid's Backpack?

This photo was taken by Flickr user | Mathieu |; it was used under Creative Commons license

Over the last few weeks listeners have been sharing their concerns and thoughts about education. One consistent theme? Homework. Too much homework, too little homework, pointless homework, the wrong kind of homework; homework, homework, homework.

This got us thinking: how are kids getting all that controversial work, well, home? To answer that question, we'd like you to do two things: First put the full backpack, knapsack, rollerboard suitcase your kid uses to get their school materials to and fro on a scale and weigh it. Then we'd like you to neatly lay out the contents of the backpack on your kitchen table (if it can fit them!) and take a picture. Then send the weight, your name, phone number and the picture along to us at what@npr.org. Feel free to include a note explaining or giving us more context for the image, and please: DO NOT include your kid or any object that might identify them in the picture. We're going to create a gallery out of the images for use in an upcoming story.

Thanks, and, you parent's of older kids: ask if they'd like to participate before dumping their mobile teenage redoubt out on the table, ok? Nobody likes a snoop.