A Bright Spot in a Dismal Job Market : Daydreaming Advice for job seekers in the upcoming Obama administration
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A Bright Spot in a Dismal Job Market

--Brian Unger

With unemployment hovering at a generational high, there is one place that has hundreds, even thousands of job openings. The upcoming Obama administration is hiring, and - not surprisingly - they've set up an online job application.

Some of these positions, such as Secretary of State, require approval by the Senate. Others can be yours just for impressing the Obama team with a solid resume and a successful interview.

In today's Unger Report, we present some advice for those who make it to the interview process. As a public service, we reproduce those here. Obama Administration job seekers, follow this advice, and maybe you will soon be working, if not in the White House itself, then at least in the Executive Office Building next door.

1. Dress professionally in conservative clothing. Wear sensible shoes; he likes Cole-Haan.
2. Minimal jewelry. No perfume. Or cologne. Just smell like freedom.
3. Bring a resume. References. And a breath mint.
4. Turn your cell phone off.
5. Get there early.
6. Do a trial run to the White House but don't jump the fence.
7. Remain as calm as possible, ask questions, and get his business card so you have the correct spelling when you send Obama a thank you note later.
8. Be flexible. If you want to be Secretary of State, be willing to settle for motor pool coordinator.
9. And above all, don't high five the president-elect in the hallway.