Hey, that's no way to say goodbye : Daydreaming Alex Chadwick says goodbye to Day to Day

Hey, that's no way to say goodbye

Alex Chadwick
Steve Proffitt, NPR

I'm the first angry white man in the new Obama era.

This is my last day hosting Day to Day -- a show I love. But after five years of getting up at 4:00 every morning to meet the deadline pressures of a daily news program, I'm cutting back. Madeleine will be here to carry on, and you'll still have an Alex -- our reporter and sometime host, Alex Cohen. But this Alex is going to be sleeping in.

And coasting, maybe a little, today -- or so I thought. But in Chicago, President-elect Obama has scheduled his first press conference for 2:30 Central time. That's 11:30 here in Culver City, the site of NPR West. The timing could hardly be worse for the narrow concerns of getting our show on and updated. We'll have to get something on for the noon feed of the show, while the press conference presumable continues. Then we'll have to fix it again for our last feed at 1:00.

I was thrilled by the speech Tuesday night in Grant Park...a spectacular moment in American history and political oratory.

I know this is very small-minded...a disappointment, probably to any NPR listener who follows the news.

But it's Friday...on my last week on the show. I was thinking I might go out for lunch with a couple of pals....maybe a bloody Mary, even.

No such luck....I'm in the studio, doing interviews...which is how all this started so long ago.

Bye to fans of the show....thanks for following us on the radio and the blog. Next week.....new adventures. Stay tuned.