SoCal Fire Resources : Daydreaming Should you be worried about smoke in the air? We explain and offer a range of fire resources.
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SoCal Fire Resources

A firefighter fights the blaze at the Oakridge Mobile Home Park after a wind-whipped wildfire torched the area, in the Sylmar section of Los Angeles on Nov. 15. (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

Los Angeles and Orange County woke to gray skies and orange flames yet again this morning. We scoured the resources out there this morning to find the best sources of information. We recommend tracking the fires on the maps here.

Even if the word "twitter" makes you cringe, helpful and timely updates on the fires in the L.A and O.C. are available here and here. It's quite easy to sign up and you can even get updates sent to your cell phone.

Just because you are far from the flames, doesn't mean you are out of danger. If there are signs of smoke and ash in your neighborhood, the Los Angeles Dept. of Public Health has the following tips:

1.) Keep the windows and doors closed.
2.) Only use air conditioners that re-circulate air or indoor filtration devices.
3.) Avoid using fireplaces, candles and vacuums.
4.) In case you needed another incentive to quit — do not smoke.

If you have been evacuated and are in need of a shelter, check out the Red Cross L.A. or O.C. Web sites for updates on shelter locations or call the hot lines at (310) 943-5268 or (714) 384-0884.

The Red Cross also maintains a Safe and Well List here, where you can search for information on displaced loved ones.