A Week's Worth of Trash : Daydreaming Man keeps one year's worth of his garbage in his basement, invites you to try it. But only for a week.
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A Week's Worth of Trash

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Dave Chameides is worried about waste. So he has been saving all his trash this year. In his basement.

We visited Dave early this year when he began stockpiling his refuse, and again, about half-way through to see how his basement - and his marriage - were doing.

Dave's project was personal - he wanted to learn how he could cut down on stuff that ends up in the landfill, or worse. But it's also public. He's kept a blog of his experiences. It's called 365 Day of Trash.

Dave Chameides, in his basement with his trash
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Now that he's nearing the end of his experiment, he's inviting others to try it. Not for a year. Just for a week. All the details are at his blog, and if you try it, comment on your experiences here.

Oh, and Dave has a year's worth of recycling and waste minimization tips, including things you can do with, oh, hair that you trim off your head.

Here's a video of Dave Chameides showing off the handy stuff he keeps in his backpack - all things designed to lower his garbage footprint.