Help Wanted : Daydreaming Unemployed? Maybe we can help. Join our Help Wanted project.
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As most of you know, this program will be going off the air in March. We've been canceled as part of NPR's response to a budget shortfall. And that means everyone on the staff is looking for a job.

At least we know we are not alone. We know among our listeners, there are many, many people who are in the same situation.

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So while we try to find our own unemployment solutions, we thought we'd try to help out our friends who listen to Day to Day.

Here's the deal: If you are out of work and looking for a job, write us, and tell us about your situation. Let us know about your former job, tell us about some of your skills, and describe for us the kind of work you are looking for. Paste your resume in the email, if you like

We'll pick from some of these stories - and if we pick you, we'll call and do a little interview, which we'll air on the show. Then we'll invite employers to contact you, through us.

So, just send an us an email. Put Help Wanted in the subject line. And please include a phone number where we can contact you.

Oh, and if you know of any jobs for a radio host, or an editor... or a producer, write us, too.