What To Wear At -78 Degrees : Daydreaming How do you walk your dog and drive at -78 degrees? A woman in Tok, Alaska tells us.

What To Wear At -78 Degrees

Courtesy Aliza Sherman Risdahl via Bunny Boots

On the show this morning, we interview a woman who lives in Tok, Alaska where the thermometer recently dropped to -78 degrees. Because here in southern California, we snuggle up next to heat lamps at 50 degrees, we are quite fascinated by this woman and how she gets by in such extreme cold. One characteristic Aliza Sherman Risdahl shares with many Los Angelenos, however, is that she has a Chihuahua. He can't go out in air that resembles dry ice, but his brother the Lab can. After a certain point outside, he just stops moving and lays down, she says. Apparently they don't sell bunny boots -- the human shoe wear of choice in Tok (above ) -- for dogs. She blogs about her experiences here.