What's the State of Your Union? : Daydreaming If you had to give a joint address to Congress, could you write it in 140 keystrokes or less?
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What's the State of Your Union?

-- Andy Carvin, aka @acarvin and @nprpolitics on Twitter

As you may have heard, President Barack Obama will address a joint session of Congress tonight. Technically it's not a State of the Union address, as Obama was just sworn in last month, but that didn't stop us from asking people on Twitter to send us their own State of the Union addresses. The catch: it has to be 140 characters or less.

If you've never used Twitter, it's an online community and messaging service that lets you talk with people via the Web, text messaging, instant messaging and the like. It limits these messages, or tweets, to 140 characters or less so they're text-message friendly. It's not much room to craft an entire State of the Union address, but lots of people have risen to the challenge so far. And we'd love to hear from you, too.

Here are some of the tweets we've received:

pourmecoffee: Sometimes when we rule, the oversight's uncool. And we have to swallow banks and pride.

ChaosRob: America is rebooting, please stand by. Normal services should resume shortly.

pumpkinshirt: My fellow Americans, our long national shopping spree is over.

PaulBKennedy: Haiku - The economy / it's like a giant air pump. / Needs air. Pump it up.

jryanlaw: times are rough but they will get better-even if you don't have a job right now, get out there and do something productive

AlexanderChow: Assume the crash position, we are screwed! Yet hope remains triumphant. The same sun will rise and set tomorrow...beautifully.

ghankstef: Screwed pooch. 500 bln in tax cuts amounts to $13per pay check for mid class fam. I'll enjoy an extra sandwich 2x month

clairecelsi: We've disrupted the old way of doing business, and are in the process of turning this ship around. Give it a chance to work.

TxSkirt: What would I say to Congress? Please stop bailing out irresponsible business/people. No one is too big to fail.

jsfrankel: Get it done - and fast. Put people ahead of politics; work together as if you really care about the country and the world.

tammymoore: cut my taxes, get rid of the waste and get your hands off my freedom #stateofmyunion :)

PapaBradstein: Educate and innovate to renovate the state.

CRA1G: You on the left: be responsive. You on the right: be responsible. You in the middle: make room.

Not on Twitter? No problem. Simply post your own 140-character State of the Union address as a comment below. Remember that 140 characters is basically a sentence (or a haiku if you prefer), so keep it tight!