The Final Curtain : Daydreaming We take our leave. But don't be a stranger...

The Final Curtain

The Day to Day staff
Jolie Myers, NPR

We end our program today. We hope we do it on a long, sustained graceful note. To all the listeners and stations that supported us, a heartfelt thanks.

Now we scatter. Some of us will stay in radio or in journalism. Others will find new careers. But don't worry. We're all smart. We'll be OK.

If you want to keep in touch, we've created a Facebook group, Life After NPR's Day to Day. Check in from time to time, friend us, and don't be a stranger.

And here are some links to staff members personal blogs:

Madeleine Brand

Christopher Johnson

Alex Cohen

Steve Proffitt

From all of us at Day to Day, goodbye and good luck.