Bone-Chillers and Blood-Curdlers Puzzler : Deceptive Cadence Halloween is all about "treats" and "tricks." Test your knowledge of creepy classics by taking this interactive quiz. If you dare.

Bone-Chillers And Blood-Curdlers: The 'Deceptive Cadence' Halloween Puzzler

The Annual Deceptive Cadence Halloween Puzzler

So, with my plastic pumpkin, my sequined costume (I'm going as Joan Sutherland this year) and stacks of Twizzlers, my Halloween checklist is just about complete.

The "treats" are plentiful, but there's one essential ingredient missing — the "tricks." And that's where the first annual "Bone-Chillers and Blood-Curdlers Deceptive Cadence Halloween Puzzler" comes into play (cue the ghoulish laughter).

Below, you will find six alarmingly shocking, spine-tingling, horrifying (OK, maybe one isn't quite so horrifying) excerpts of classical music. Your task — the "trick" — is to listen to the clip and drag it to the image the music represents. Get it right and the music is identified, thus affirming your greatness. Get it wrong, and you'll feel the sweat-beads of humiliation begin to form on your brow.

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