Ornithology Meets Musicology: The Spring Bird Puzzler : Deceptive Cadence How bird-brained are you? Know your Titmice from your Tanagers, or your Scriabin from your Scarlatti? Test your avian smarts with your knowledge of classical music in another interactive quiz.
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Ornithology Meets Musicology: The Spring Bird Puzzler

Like a peacock fanning his feathers, strut your knowledge of birds and classical music by acing this puzzler. Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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Do birds know when it officially turns spring here in Washington? It seems ever since Sunday, I've been hearing a lot more chirping in the morning. My favorite white-throated sparrows have skipped town, but the hermit thrushes and northern flickers are getting noisier. I wouldn't call myself a birder, but I do love watching and listening to our flighty friends.

Many composers have felt the same way — so much so that they've written birds into their music. Below, in another one of our interactive puzzlers, are a few examples. Click on a sound clip to hear the unidentified music, then drag it to the appropriate image to reveal the composition. Get it right and strut like a peacock. Get it wrong and peck at the crumbs with shame.

Note: Some music clips actually imitate the bird, others are vaguely suggestive.