Around The Classical Internet: June 17, 2011 : Deceptive Cadence A sheaf of financial reports, Klinghoffer in St. Louis and a soprano who urged Bruins fans to scream correctly: all the news that's fit to link.

Around The Classical Internet: June 17, 2011

Guillermo Perales/iStock
All the classical news that's fit to link.
Guillermo Perales/iStock
  • From the New York Times, a damning catalog of New York City Opera's financial missteps. And a similar piece from the New York Observer as well: "Steel is still stuck with much of the board responsible for the mismanagement. Ex-chairman Susan Baker, I'm looking at you."
  • Across the Lincoln Center plaza, the Met is ending its present season with a balanced budget — its first in seven years.
  • Contracts, contracts, all around: the Montrealers presently don't have one, and the Pittsburgh Symphony players just agreed to a new one with pay cuts.
  • A critic lays out some repertoire ideas for Philadelphia, and points out a curious statement in the orchestra's new strategic plan: "We will not have one maestro setting the agenda."
  • Musicians from the Louisville Orchestra are objecting to some of the numbers listed in the group's bankruptcy filing.
  • The Cultural Olympiad in London next year will include "Music Nation," an array of orchestral concerts and other live performances to be held across the UK. The ambitious plans call for the involvement of some 25,000 musicians in 45 locations.
  • Bellevue, Wash. is home to Microsoft, but its resident orchestra is shutting down in July — for lack of donors.
  • Douglas McLennan, chair of the Van Cliburn amateur competition press jury, offers his take: "Is it sad that these amateur pianists don't have professional careers? Perhaps, but many professional pianists don't have professional careers either these days."
  • The Opera Theatre of St. Louis revival of The Death of Klinghoffer may have been controversial, but it gets a glowing review from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
  • The Guardian takes issue with the English National Opera's promotional video for Nico Muhly's opera Two Boys, which opens next week.
  • Meanwhile publicist Amanda Ameer objects to the New York Philharmonic's viral video campaign for the Janacek Cunning Little Vixen, which also goes up next week.
  • The Baltimore Sun takes stock of Christoph Eschenbach's first season with the National Symphony Orchestra: "I will say that each encounter has made me feel that the NSO sounds better than ever."
  • Here's a nice hometown interview with soprano Angela Meade, who's been wowing audiences: "My parents wanted me to do country [music]."
  • Montreal will have a new concert hall come September; here's a look at how construction is going.
  • A Boston-based Russian singer spent the early part of the week coaching Bruins fans in correct screaming technique.
  • Man, mezzos can get mean: A Manhattan singer's been hauled into court regarding a face-slapping fracas over ... a frozen entree. At Trader Joe's.