The 11th-Hour Debt Ceiling Opera Puzzler : Deceptive Cadence Your credit rating may rise or fall, depending on your answers to this opera-meets-economy puzzler.
NPR logo The 11th-Hour Debt Ceiling Opera Puzzler

The 11th-Hour Debt Ceiling Opera Puzzler

Finances headed down.

Everywhere you turn now, all you hear is talk about debt ceilings and credit downgrades, especially on smarty-pants public radio news shows. So, with the possibility of a U.S. debt default looming, and everyone yammering on about it, it's high time to divert attention from our own financial problems and focus for a moment (before the next newscast at least) on the important money issues of others — others from the world of opera, that is.

Below, via brief music clips, you can eavesdrop on the monetary mishaps and concerns of six operatic characters. Your job is to listen to the music then drag it to the corresponding image. Get it right and feel your operatic credit rating soar. Get it wrong and feel the cold breath of long-term deficits on the nape of your neck.