Ring My Bells Holiday Puzzler : Deceptive Cadence How well do you know your bells? Match the jingling music with the composer who wrote it.
NPR logo Ring My Bells: The 2011 Deceptive Cadence Holiday Puzzler

Ring My Bells: The 2011 Deceptive Cadence Holiday Puzzler

Does this ring a bell? Match the composers with their compositions that include sleigh bells. Coburn Dukehart/NPR hide caption

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My colleague Bob Boilen has sleigh bells on the shelf behind his desk (they're pictured above). Every once in a while, even in the dripping heat of summer, he gives them a little shake — mainly to pester another colleague, Robin Hilton, who I'm certain is the only person in the world who hates sleigh bells. The instant I hear that lush jingling, I think of Christmas — you know, a one horse open sleigh and all that. It's a pleasant sound, like aural comfort food.

Over the centuries, composers have slipped these tinkling little bells into their pieces — pieces that, by the way, often have nothing to do with the holidays. Below you will find six clips of music with sleigh bells. Click on a clip to listen, then drag it to the image of the composer who wrote it. Get them all right and feel the warmth of the holiday season swell in your chest. Get them wrong and notice winter's chill at the nape of your neck.