Marches Madness: Sticking Together : Deceptive Cadence The pomp is more than circumstantial in performances of a genial Norwegian march. A drumline from the home country executes precision maneuvers while a conductor in Russia sports most excellent facial hair.
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Marches Madness: Sticking Together


Chekhov said you shouldn't include a gun in a play if it's not going to be fired. The same rule applies to the line of snare drummers standing stock still at the start of this video.

The music is Norwegian composer Johannes Hanssen's charming 1904 Valdres, which sounds like a gentle stroll through the scenic region that gives it its name.

Bands all over the world play this friendly, lilting number with clever contrapuntal touches. This 2011 performance is from Hanssen's home country, courtesy of His Majesty The King's Guard band (and an enthusiastic audience).

Once they get going, the extra drummers steal the show. But if you prefer less percussion and more facial hair, check out the Central Navy Band of Russia.