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Anna Hu at the Ao Hua Farmers Market in Shanghai. After years of working long hours and eating only in restaurants, Hu has learned how to cook vegetables and eat more healthfully. Eliza Barclay/NPR hide caption

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Eliza Barclay/NPR

In China, Finding A New Way To Eat In Times Of Plenty

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Rachel Zayas, a registered nurse, sets up the shift board for the night shift at the Cleveland Clinic. Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer /Landov hide caption

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Chuck Crow/The Plain Dealer /Landov

People who ate a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which are commonly found in fish, and in vitamins C, E and B, which are often found in vegetables, were less likely to have their brains shrink, and were more likely to score higher on the memory and thinking tests, a study found. hide caption

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Alexandria Johnson got involved with the Anderson Monarchs soccer team when her mother was looking for an affordable way to keep her active. Todd Vachon/WHYY hide caption

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Todd Vachon/WHYY

Dominique Dawes encourages kids to get 60 minutes of active play every day as part of the kick off of YMCA's Healthy Kids Day in April 2011. Kevin Wolf/AP Images for YMCA hide caption

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Kevin Wolf/AP Images for YMCA