Insights From The Generation Listen Tribe: Weekend In Washington 2013 : Generation Listen NPR Generation Listen celebrated its first anniversary earlier this month as NPR hosts and journalists were coming together to showcase their fantastic work at NPR's Weekend in Washington.

Insights From The Generation Listen Tribe: Weekend In Washington 2013

NPR Generation Listen (GL) was born quietly last November as a small group of entrepreneurs were invited to a two-day showcase of NPR programming and topical conversations led by NPR journalists. The gathering, fondly known as Weekend in Washington, attracts public radio's most passionate supporters and superfans.

Last year, one of our first GL tribe members, Anneke Jong, shared highlights from her experience. This year, GL attendee Erica Berger took the torch and shared some of her favorite and most impactful NPR moments.

Excerpts and photos from her post are below. Find her original tumblr post here.

I Have Faith Again, And It's Not in What You'd's NPR

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Erica Berger

This past weekend, I attended NPR's annual meeting of the minds, Weekend in Washington, as a member of Generation Listen.

Below you'll find a roundup of the conversations ranging in topic from race in America featuring the legal adviser to MLK Jr., The Arab Spring, the impact of storytelling on relationships, the Millennial generation, the psychological toll on journalists covering wars, and a fair amount about what makes NPR what is is as an organization. Scan through to get some insight into the inner workings one of the most respected news organizations in America. If you care about the news and the most pressing issues of today's society, you won't regret reading this.

My day job is in news, working both on the journalism side and the technology side. The last few years have been tough for the industry. But NPR's Weekend in Washington restored some of my faith again.

WiW is where the most supportive donors and trustees of National Public Radio, fondly known as NPR, come together in DC where the media organization is headquartered. The conversation centers around the news and America's most pressing issues, allowing supporters to experience live programming from their favorite, revered and treasured radio network correspondents.

Me, 27-year-old Brooklyn-based Erica Berger, one of the most supportive donors and trustees of NPR? Not quite. I'm actually a part of NPR's newest initiative aimed at solidifying the media organization's future, Generation Listen. We're a small but ambitious and energized group of Millennials volunteering our time and talents to make sure that our friends and the next generations to come will love NPR and care about the world as much as we do.

Combining frank discussion, with commentary from NPR's executives and invited thought leaders and of course, some delicious dinners and cocktails too, Weekend in Washington was what I would call the perfect nerd fest.

Read on for Erica's full blog post here. For highlights from the weekend, scroll through the slideshow below: