Video: Orphans In Aleppo Say: 'We Want To Live Like Everyone Else' : Goats and Soda Children trapped in the Syrian city that's under siege have a message for the world.

VIDEO: 'We Want To Live Like Everyone Else,' Say Orphans From Aleppo

Aleppo is under attack. Civilians trapped in the siege in Syria — including children from an orphanage — are turning to social media with a message to the world: End the violence.

In the video, a group of about two dozen children in sweaters and knit caps stand in three rows, as if to sing a Christmas carol or recite a poem. Instead, they have a message for "those concerned with human rights and the rights of children."

The video was recorded in Arabic, then translated to English and posted by Aleppo Today TV, an independent Syrian TV channel.

"We are scared of the airstrikes ... Please get us out of Aleppo. We want to live like everyone else," says Yasmeen Qanouz, 10.

Yasmeen says there are 47 children in the orphanage. They — along with an uncertain number of civilians — have been stuck in Aleppo amid what aid groups have described as horrific bloodshed, NPR reports.

Anna Nelson, a spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross, says: "Clearly, in Aleppo today, children are among the most vulnerable victims of this conflict. It's heartbreaking to imagine dozens of children who have lost their parents, desperately wanting to find safety."