What Story Should Goats and Soda Investigate In 2017? : Goats and Soda The winning question: How can humanitarian groups create a good exit strategy after a community has become self-sustaining?

What Story Should Goats and Soda Investigate In 2017?

Stuart Kinlough/Getty Images/Ikon Images
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Stuart Kinlough/Getty Images/Ikon Images

Over the past week, we asked our audience to help Goats and Soda come up with one of our first stories of 2017.

We asked: Is there a topic in the field of global health and development that you think we didn't pay enough attention to last year and that will loom large in the year ahead? Is there a small but important trend afoot?

Earlier this month, we received more than 100 questions on everything from deforestation to leprosy to human population. We put three of them up for vote. More than 300 people voted, and this question was the winner:

When a humanitarian group has helped a community become self-sustaining, how can the group create a good "exit strategy?"

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question and voted! Read the completed story here.