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A Wonder Woman display at Comic-Con International 2016 shows the evolution of her incredible shrinking costume. Matt Cowan/Getty Images hide caption

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Matt Cowan/Getty Images

Is Wonder Woman Suited To Be A U.N. Ambassador?

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Ye Haiyan is the activist known as "Hooligan Sparrow" — and the subject of a new documentary about her efforts to gain justice for six schoolgirls who'd allegedly been sexually assaulted by their principal. Courtesy of Hooligan Sparrow hide caption

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Courtesy of Hooligan Sparrow

Eunice, pictured above, is one of the workshop participants: "Today I learned a girl can do anything — that a boy and girl are equal, no one is more special, and I am happy about it. I am happy that the new things I learned today [are] to be confident and be powerful." Mercy/Too Young To Wed/Samburu Girls Foundation hide caption

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Mercy/Too Young To Wed/Samburu Girls Foundation

Zia Simpson, a student and sales assistant in Cape Town, says even her father tells her to tame her Afro. "That generation fought against apartheid, but they still carry around the mentality that green eyes look better on a person, that straight hair looks better on a person." Alan Greenblatt for NPR hide caption

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Alan Greenblatt for NPR

Eric Aniva told the BBC that he was hired by families to have sex with more than 100 young women, including children, in what was described as "ritual cleansing." Eldson Chagara/AP hide caption

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Eldson Chagara/AP

Students from the Sekenani Girls Secondary School gather outside their dormitory after lunch. The new school is the first high school for girls in the Maasai region. Harriet Constable for NPR hide caption

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Harriet Constable for NPR

These guards patrol a park in the Pakistani city of Gujranwala to make sure there's no sexual harassment of women. If they have to, they'll deliver a sharp tap to an offender with that stick. From left: Mohammed Sayed, Mohammed Faisal and Amir Hussein. Philip Reeves/NPR hide caption

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Philip Reeves/NPR