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Right: "Mask Up," a submission to Amplifier, an arts group. Left: "Grandmother's Affection — For Global Health," a submission to the United Nations. Lisa Vollrath; Nubefy Design for All hide caption

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Lisa Vollrath; Nubefy Design for All
Malaka Gharib/NPR

COMIC: Looking For A 'Helper' In The Age Of Coronavirus

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Some images from Goats and Soda's top stories of 2018. From left: changing the way we sit to fix back pain; is sleeping with your baby dangerous?; men walk near the site where the body of an 8-year-old girl, who was raped and murdered, was found. From left: Lily Padula for NPR; Fabio Consoli for NPR; Channi Anand/AP hide caption

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From left: Lily Padula for NPR; Fabio Consoli for NPR; Channi Anand/AP

See that little brown critter and that little white critter? They're goats stuck on a bridge in western Pennsylvania. The white goat is facing in the wrong direction to walk off the beam, about 100 feet high, and return to solid ground. Todd Tilson/PA Turnpike Commission hide caption

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Todd Tilson/PA Turnpike Commission

An African giant pouched rat sniffs for traces of land mine explosives at a training facility run by APOPO, a nonprofit that trains the rats to detect both tuberculosis and land mines. Not only does it have an excellent nose, but it can jump 5 feet in the air. Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images