Husband Details Wife's Forced Quarantine In China : Shots - Health News A Canadian man describes how his wife was forced into quarantine by Chinese authorities.
NPR logo Husband Details Wife's Forced Quarantine In China

Husband Details Wife's Forced Quarantine In China

"She has had her temperature taken and she is not sick, her only problem is that she was in Mexico," a man identified as Francis St. Louis tells the Canadian Broadcast Corp. at CBCNews.

St. Louis describes what he says happened when his wife, on a business trip, arrived in China a few days ago. He reports that when she tried to travel from Hong Kong to Szechuan, his wife was "refused entrance based on her passport being stamped with a Mexican entrance stamp. .... On returning to Hong Kong she was not allowed access and isolated and keep (sic) first on board the ferry for several hours then (sic) she was placed in a lock down room for several more hours." Later, "she was sent off to an isolation camp."

Authorities have kept her in quarantine and St. Louis is frustrated. "I really would like to know what the Canadian government is doing to protect its citizens," he says.

Speaking of the Canadian government, the Canadian Press reports that the countries officials are pressing China to explain why about two dozen Canadians have been quarantined in China.