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Deep Thoughts On Deep Breaths

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Stop whatever you're doing right now and take a deep, relaxed belly breath.

Now, look out the nearest window and revel in whatever tree or vista of nature you see.

Both these exercises -- according to the experts that NPR's Allison Aubrey talks to in this week's podcast On Health -- can immediately turn down momentary stress, and start you on a more relaxed and healthy path.

"Chronic stress makes it hard to breathe," Aubrey learned. "But when people practice or cultivate relaxation breathing in their daily lives, it affects the whole body."

Aubrey also talks to Esther Sternberg, a mind-body researcher and author of the new book, Healing Spaces. Sternberg explains how and why simply tweaking the layout of your office, home, or other surroundings can actually influence your immune system.

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