Besser Of CDC, Meet Besser Of ABC : Shots - Health News Dr. Besser of CDC may give Dr. Gupta a run for his stethoscope when he takes a medical reporting job at ABC later this year.
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Besser Of CDC, Meet Besser Of ABC

Paging Dr. Gupta: Dr. Besser's on your back.

Dr. Richard Besser of CDC is swapping his lab coat for a microphone at ABC News.

Besser, the public face plastered across televisions nationwide when the new H1N1 swine flu broke out this spring, will become senior health and medical editor in September.

His calm, poised TV appearances gave journos great pause, since public health officials are generally not known for their clarity of message or their telegenics. Besser has been with the Public Health Service since 1991, but not surprisingly, has television reporting experience going way back.

When the Obama Administration chose New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden to head the agency in May, we figured Besser might be looking for a new gig.

Here he is on CNN in April when the flu first became big news in the U.S.