Fight-The-Flu Contest Finds Funnybone : Shots - Health News What do a hazmat suit, a dirty toothbrush and models hacking all over each other have in common? They are trying to convince you to stop spreading the flu.
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Fight-The-Flu Contest Finds Funnybone

As the new school year begins and efforts to slow the spread of H1N1 are ramping up, CDC is trying to make the messages fun but effective. It just named the top ten finalists in its public contest for the best flu prevention PSA. There are some pretty creative entries.

Don't want to wash your hands? Try going to the bathroom in a hazmat suit like this guy.

Another entry suggests touching your mouth without washing your hands is akin to giving a cat a good scratch with a toothbrush that has just cleaned an ATM keypad and a car door handle. This to the strains of a Bach concerto, no less.

On the even ickier side, there are entries featuring cartoony white blood cells attacking the flu germs inside your body, close-ups with sound of Top Model-types sneezing and hacking all over each other, and the ever-popular image of one kid spraying another kid with mucus. I know which one my son would vote for.

Go to the CDC's YouTube page to see all ten and vote for your favorite between now and September 16.