Hensley Signs On At NPR Health : Shots - Health News Scott Hensley takes down his freelance shingle and joins NPR's health team.

Hensley Signs On At NPR Health

OK, I think I finally found the right switch for this thing. Yup. That seems to have turned it on. Cue the fluorescent lighting hum and we'll be in business.

scott hensley
Duncan Moore (c) 2009

After lending a hand at NPR when swine flu began its march across the globe this spring, I decided to take down my freelance shingle and join the NPR health team. I'll be blogging about all sort of things health right here from now on. It feels great to be on board.

Some of you might recognize me from my work at The Wall Street Journal, where I was the founding editor and a regular contributor to the paper's health blog. Before that I worked as a reporter for the Journal covering subjects ranging from the Human Genome Project to the pharmaceutical industry's marketing of drugs.

More recently I've done some blogging for Covering Health, a service of the Association of Health Care Journalists. They were even kind enough to do a little post about my job change, if you're interested.

Here I get to stretch out and post on just about anything health-related--medical stories, personal health, FDA, health reform and even the business of health.

So please join me here for news and analysis of hot health topics. If you've got ideas or feedback, please use the contact form in the right rail to get in touch. You can also follow my personal feed on Twitter @scotthensley. Don't forget to hop on @nprhealth, too.

Here's to your health!