Swine Flu Hits Texas Christian Univ., New Zealand : Shots - Health News Swine flu shows up on campuses and overtakes seasonal flu varieties in New Zealand.
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Swine Flu Hits Texas Christian Univ., New Zealand

Lots more rumbling about swine flu today.

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Back to school with swine flu.


It's the first week of school at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, and more than three dozen students have come down with flu-like symptoms. Ten people were found to have swine flu and got treated with Tamiflu, the university said the other day.

Classes go on at the 8,700-student institution. "So far, flu cases are mild and most students are recovering within two to four days of illness onset," TCU said on a swine flu page recently added to its Web site.

In line with CDC's guidelines, TCU said it's telling sick kids to skip class to avoid infecting others.

Separately, the Dallas Morning News reports five players on TCU's Horned Frogs football team are ill with swine flu. You read that right. Horned frogs.

Other colleges reporting swine flu on campus, include the University of Kansas and Auburn University.

Way down south in New Zealand, where it's still winter, swine flu has overtaken the regular seasonal flu varieties as the main bug going around. A group of high-schoolers returning from a trip to Mexico brought the H1N1 to New Zealand in April. By early July, 80 percent of flu samples supplied by an early-warning system of doctors were positive for H1N1, says a report in the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report this week.

Closer to NPR HQ, the federal government may soon make it easier for employees to take paid leave to care for family members who fall ill with swine flu, the Washington Post reports. A proposed regulation would let workers take sick leave, if their presence in the office would be a threat.