Doctor, Heal Thyself And Then Tell Us About It : Shots - Health News Even doctors get sick. Dr. Sanjay Gupta blogs about his H1N1 swine flu symptoms and recovery in Afghanistan.
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Doctor, Heal Thyself And Then Tell Us About It

Add Dr. Sanjay Gupta to the growing list of celebs like Marilyn Manson, Harry Potter's movie sidekick, and a couple of world leaders who have reportedly fallen ill from the new H1N1 flu.

Dr. Gupta, pre-H1N1 days Diane Bondareff/AP Photo hide caption

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Diane Bondareff/AP Photo

Dr. Gupta, pre-H1N1 days

Diane Bondareff/AP Photo

As an added bonus, Gupta gives a nice summation on his blog of the symptoms and attempts to reassure us that generally, it feels just like the "regular" flu.

Gupta, CNN's chief medical correspondent and one-time presidential pick for Surgeon General, has been reporting from Afghanistan, where he apparently caught the virus. He writes this morning that "it started as a cough. It wasn't the kind of cough where something is temporarily stuck in your throat."

He continues to describe the awful cough: "This was the kind of cough that hurts when you do it. A stinging pain that makes you wince and guard and hope that you don't have to cough again any time soon."

Gupta says both he and his cameraman were in denial that they had the flu, thinking they merely lacked sleep or had dust int their throats. That is, until they experienced "high fevers, the lack of appetite, terrible sinus congestion, body aches, and yes -- that hacking, come out of the blue." Tests later confirmed they had H1N1.

Although they recovered after a few days, Gupta lamented that he was in a war zone rather than the comfort of his own home with someone to pamper him.

"In case you are curious, there wasn't much the doctors could really do for me. Some Tylenol and a sinus decongestant (the same my wife would've given me)."