Swine Flu Video Winner: John Clarke, Rapper MD : Shots - Health News It's a rap: "Hand sanitizer, I advise you get it. Why? It makes germs die when you rub and let it dry."
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Swine Flu Video Winner: John Clarke, Rapper MD

John Clarke, the rapping medical director for the Long Island Rail Road, is the winner in the government's contest to find a catchy public service announcement about swine flu prevention.

The guy has got the moves and the rhymes, and we're with New York magazine, which called him a "genius" for rhyming "hand sanitizer" and "I advise ya."

Check out his handiwork, the "H1N1 Rap":

Clarke, a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, said he's been writing and producing medical rap since 1997. He dubs the genre "health hop."

Earlier this month, he told a crowd gathered at LIRR's Mineola station deep in the heart of Long Island, that he doesn't "actually rap directly for patients in the office." But a crowd boarding a commuter train? Sure thing. Watch the video of his talk, punctuated by a live performance here.

Clarke does a lot of speaking at health fairs and schools, and after a didactic lecture he likes to bust a rhyme. Rap music helps him reach young people, he says.

It took him three months to write the H1N1 rap, and he didn't even know about the HHS contest until he stumbled across it on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Web site.

He said swine flu has the potential to be a serious problem and hopes his video will help minimize the risks. "The whole point of the contest, the point of the song, the point of these efforts is to get people compliant with prevention," he said.