Recall Of Children's Medicines Stretches Beyond J&J Brands : Shots - Health News Four types of children's medicines sold under the PediaCare brand have been recalled due to concerns about a Johnson & Johnson factory.
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Recall Of Children's Medicines Stretches Beyond J&J Brands

Now the recall of medicines made at a troubled Johnson & Johnson plant goes beyond the McNeil brands, such as liquid Tylenol and Motrin for kids.

Qualtiy problems at a J&J factory have led to a recall of these medicines. Blacksmith Brands hide caption

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Blacksmith Brands

Four kids' allergy and cold medicines made at a Johnson & Johnson factory in Fort Washington, Pa., and sold by another firm — Blacksmith Brands — have been recalled.

The recall is "a precautionary step," Blacksmith said in a statement, because the over-the-counter medicines were made in a plant where the Food and Drug Administration has found had all sort of quality problems. Consumers haven't complained about the products, Blacksmith said.

The affected products are:

PediaCare Multi-Symptom Cold 4oz. UPC # 3 0045-0556-05 9
PediaCare Long Acting Cough 4oz. UPC# 3 0045-0465-04 7
PediaCare Decongestant 4oz. UPC# 3 0045-0554-04 8
PediaCare Allergy and Cold 4oz. UPC# 3 0045-0552-04 4

J&J has stopped production at the factory where the medicines were made while it tries to sort out the mess. Last week a House panel grilled the company about its response to the problems and questioned whether the FDA needs the power to directly order recalls.