Congressional Inquiry Into J&J Quality Woes Expands : Shots - Health News House panel wants more details on a recall of PediaCare medicines made at Johnson & Johnson factory closed due to quality problems.
NPR logo Congressional Inquiry Into J&J Quality Woes Expands

Congressional Inquiry Into J&J Quality Woes Expands

The House committee that's probing Johnson & Johnson massive recall of kids' medicines has widened its inquiry to cover drugs sold by another company.

Qualtiy problems at a J&J factory have led to a recall of these medicines. Blacksmith Brands hide caption

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Blacksmith Brands

A few days ago, Blacksmith Brands said it was undertaking a "precautionary" recall of four varieties of liquid allergy and cold remedies sold under the PediaCare label.

The medicines are made for Blacksmith by Johnson & Johnson at the Fort Washinton, Pa., that is now shut after a slew of quality problems were documented during an April inspection by the Food and Drug Administration.

Chariman Edolphus Towns (D-NY) of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform fired off a letter to the CEO of Blacksmith Brands asking what exactly is the problem that led the company to yank the products.

A spokesman for Blacksmith Brands told the Wall Street Journal the company will cooperate with the committee.

Last week officials from the Food and Drug Administration and J&J appeared before Towns' committee to answer questions about the quality issues that led to the recall of more than 130 million bottles of over-the-counter medicines.

A central theme of the hearing was whether the FDA should have more power to order recalls. Towns says yes and will introduce legislation to give the agency the authority to make recalls mandatory for companies.