Want More Health? Check Out CommonHealth : Shots - Health News If you're looking for more smart stuff on health, check out the WBUR blog CommonHealth, part of NPR's new Argo Network.
NPR logo Want More Health? Check Out CommonHealth

Want More Health? Check Out CommonHealth

I couldn't let the week close without pointing you in the direction of the very cool health blog CommonHealth.

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If you're looking at Shots, I'm guessing you're interested in smart takes on what's going on health. That's where CommonHealth from member station WBUR in Boston can help.

It's one of a dozen blogs that are part of NPR's new Argo Network. The blogs, which blend local journalism with specialized expertise, span subjects ranging from climate change to global health.

Rachel Zimmerman, who I used to work with at the Wall Street Journal, and Carey Goldberg, former Boston bureau chief for the New York Times, are the dynamic duo behind CommonHealth.

We chatted the other day about how the blog is shaping up.

When it comes to health care, the bloggers say their location in Massachusetts gives them a unique vantage point. They're covering how health overhaul, which got a head start in Massachusetts with a universal coverage law passed in 2006, is being put into practice.

"The access issue has largely been handled," Zimmerman said. "Now we're starting to focus on cost issues." See her recent post on how the Commonwealth Health Alliance is holding down costs and improving care for chronically ill, elderly patients.

Through it all, Goldberg and Zimmerman promise to be lucid, helpful guides.

"So many of these topics make your eyes glaze," Goldberg says. "Our mission is to use the lively blog style to make these potentially turgid topics palatable."

Beyond health overhaul, CommonHealth will cover advances in medicine, taking   advantage of the work at the cluster of academic centers in the area, and consumer health. See their recent posts on mammography screening and risks from sleeping pills for a taste.

Welcome, CommonHealth! I've got your RSS feed dialed into my browser already.