My Neutrophils Can Kick Your White Blood Cells' Butt : Shots - Health News An artist uses white blood cells from different people to stage a battle for immune system supremacy. In the process, she hopes to help people understand biology and some of the mythology surrounding blood.

My Neutrophils Can Kick Your White Blood Cells' Butt

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With all the cold and flu bugs being passed around the office lately, it seems like we've got an informal game of Survivor on our hands.

But whose immune system is really strongest? There's an eye-opening art show called "Visceral: The Living Art Experiment" at the Science Gallery in Dublin, Ireland, right now that sheds an entirely new light on the question.

One part of the show is an exhibit called Blood Wars by American artist Kathy High. She takes samples of people's blood (well, actually a phlebotomist does that for her) and spins them down to extract the white cells.

The cells are stained different colors to identify who they came from in preparation for battle under a microscope. In the elimination tournament, the winner's cells advance to face blood from another contestant until a champion is determined. Watch the videos for more the art and science of the project.

Science Gallery YouTube

All the work in the show got cooked up at SymbioticA, a lab for the art and science at The University of Western in Australia in Perth. It must be one wild and wooly place.