Thanks From Shots : Shots - Health News Most people who answered a survey about Shots said the blog is satisfying and easy to navigate. A few respondents said the blog has slipped in its coverage or is superficial.
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Thanks From Shots

A while back we asked for your help in gauging how we did in redesigning Shots early this year. We also asked some questions about our coverage.

How did we do? The feedback was pretty positive, as NPR digital research guru Scott Vanderbilt just wrote on NPR's Go Figure blog.

Some highlights:

  • 82 percent said getting around on Shots is either easy or extremely easy
  • 87 percent of respondents found Shots satisfying or extremely satisfying
  • 91 percent were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the content

We're not pleasing everyone, though. A few respondents faulted us for being too superficial or having slipped in our coverage. As for the design, some people weren't happy with certain details, such as the fonts used or the placement of paragraphs.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer our survey. We'll keep working to make Shots worth your while.