Wal-Mart Recalls 'Cuddle Care' Doll Over Burn Hazard : Shots - Health News The dolls get sick on cue and come with a medical kit that can relieve their symptoms. But the electronics inside the dolls can get hot enough to cause blisters or burns.

Wal-Mart Recalls 'Cuddle Care' Dolls Because They Can Burn

She coughs and sometimes burns. CPSC hide caption

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She coughs and sometimes burns.


You had better not cuddle up with the My Sweet Love/My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll from Wal-Mart.

First of all, she gets sick on cue. The battery-powered doll coughs and babbles. Her cheeks flush, too.

You can make her better with a medical kit that includes a syringe, stethoscope and thermometer. After you give her a shot and a spoonful of medicine, she's as good as new.

But it turns out that she could give you symptoms of your own.

The circuit board that makes the doll seem to come alive can also overheat, creating a burn hazard, the Consumer Products Safety Commission says.

Twelve incidents, including two involving burns or blisters to the thumb, have been reported to Wal-Mart, the commission said.

Wal-Mart is recalling the dolls. If your family has one, pull out the batteries and take it to a Wal-Mart store for a refund, the company says.